LOP 3 Project Completed December 2019

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LOP3 Update:  Autumn / Winter 2019


The LOP3 team have been delivering ‘Brief Osteoporosis Simulation Workshops’ to a range of community staff in NHS, Health and Social Care Partnership and Private Nursing and Residential Homes in City of Edinburgh, Midlothian and Fife. At each venue, several thirty minute sessions were implemented with four to six staff at a time, rotating staff according to when they could be released from their clinical environment. In total 151 community staff have participated across 9 different settings. Further osteoporosis simulation sessions are planned in East Lothian.....


All workshop participants had the opportunity to try on one of our ‘osteoporosis suits’ or ‘ageing suits’ to experience how it feels to have osteoporosis and to reflect on how their experience of the condition could have positive implications for their practice. Each participant also received a selection of relevant written resources for further reflection.


Feedback has been very positive. An increased awareness of the condition, albeit following a short ‘suit experience’,clearly resonated with participants, who felt more able to evaluate their own risk factors for the condition as well as assessing their clients following the sessions. 

Please see attached file for examples of participants\\\' anonymised comments!

Claire Pearson & Margaret Smith                                                                    


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